Key Campaigning Tools in the 20th Century

In a democratic nation, elections are carried out periodically where the electorate cast their votes to represent their choice and the decision of the leader that they have chosen to be their representative. The electorate should, however, be wooed by the vying contestants to which calls for the need of a campaign strategy where each … [Read more…]

Voting In America

Things You Didn’t Know About Voting In America Democracy has been widely accepted and embraced by many states and countries across the globe more than other forms of leadership such as the dictatorial regime, aristocracy among others. Democracy gives citizens the right to vote in their preferred leaders among a list of many contestants vying … [Read more…]

Voting Process In The Middle East

Interesting Facts about Voting Process in the Middle East Democracy is a form of governance that has been embraced across many parts across the globe. Countries in the Middle East have been known for their broad embracement for this kind of governance in countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel among other nations. Others, on … [Read more…]

Ways In Which Politics Impact On Economy

Whether positive or negative, politics play a significant role in a country’s economy. Many economic matters are seen in the eye of political views and beliefs. And although some commercial areas are independent of politics, there is always a comprehensive relationship between political issues and the economy. The political situation in a country at any … [Read more…]